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The bike turned out to be quite a ride and performed better than I expected! It has great performance, such as a wider range, variable speed, reasonable price, and so on. Everything in life is a series of tradeoffs. And the PXID ANTELOPE P5 is no exception. But the tradeoffs seem reasonable in exchange for the performance boost and pretty-darn-good feel of the bike. So I chalk it up to the win category.

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Electric Bike manufacturer and seller PXID makes daily commutes much easier and cooler with its stylish all-terrain electric bicycles. In addition to a very stylish design, it also has the characteristics of lightweight, durability, and high performance. You can ride it through all terrains with the very silent operation of the motor. If you are drooling over the super-cool PXID ANTELOPE P5, there is more to look out for!

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PXID is a newcomer in the league but has made some high-quality, well-crafted eBikes that have got a lot of heads turned. The ANTELOPE P5 is an excellent all-terrain eBike, with good grip and traction on every terrain and weather condition. With a powerful hub motor coupled with an everlasting battery, the PXID ANTELOPE P5 is a sure-shot investment and one of the best Fat Tire eBikes.

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